2019 Lacrosse Season

Important dates to remember:

January 17, 7pm The Kinkaid School:  Rules Interpretation meeting held by Karyn Schwab

January 21: The Season Begins!

4/16-17 2019 District quarter Finals

4/24-25 2019 District Semi Finals

4/27 or 4/29 2019 South District Championship Games D1 and D2  Fields TBA

May 11-12, 2019 State Championships D1 and D2 Held in Dallas TX Fields TBA

New Rule for Unified Field Markings

Included in the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and US Lacrosse rule changes for the 2018 high school lacrosse season was the approval of an optional 120-yard unified field size that can be used for both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse. The existing field sizes for high school lacrosse can still be used, but the unified field is a legal alternative.
Please contact TSLB Chair if you plan to use a Unified field for play.

US Lacrosse All-American and Academic All-American Awards

Information for nominations and voting for the Houston's US Lacrosse All-Americans, Academic All-Americans, Coach of the Year,  Jackie Pitts, and Sue Stahl National Coach of the Year Award will be sent to all Varsity Head Coaches.  If you did not receive it, or for information, contact our local chairs below.

All-American, Coach of the year,  Jackie Pitts Awards Chair –Craig Bernas/CyFair
Academic All-American Awards Chair – Jessica Adams/EHS

Procedure for canceling games

A reminder from the Texas South Local Board assignor regarding approaching bad weather and procedure for canceling games:
High school coaches: You need to make a decision 2 hours prior to your start time if you are going to have your game or not.  This way, visiting teams and officials aren’t traveling in adverse conditions for a game that isn’t going to happen.
If you are going to cancel a game due to rain:

1. Notify the Officials assigned to your game. Call or text them.

2. Notify your opponent.

3. Last, Notify the assignor so she can enter it as a rainout and can reschedule when you are ready.

Legal Women's Headgear

US Lacrosse women’s rules allow for the optional use of headgear if it meets ASTM standard F3137.  The purpose of this allowance is to acknowledge that while women’s lacrosse is a relatively safe sport, the use of protective headgear is desired by some individuals.  Please note that beginning January 1, 2017, only products that meet the ASTM standard will be regarded as legal for play.  At current time there are only two products to choose from: Click HERE for the link.


PCA Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship

Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Applications: DUE 5/31/16

Current High School Juniors can still apply for the Positive Coaching Alliance Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Program.  The Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Program is a national program with regional recognition events. Local Selection Committees will select award recipients and the number of scholarships will vary by region. All scholarship finalists will be notified via email in August of 2016 and the full list will be posted on PCA’s website.  Scholarship winners will be announced at the local awards events in the fall/winter of 2016.